Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites

Genealogical research has been popular in the current years, especially because of the internet which has enhanced search records compared to the past. You can trace surprising information concerning your ancestors and family as well as making connection with other types of genealogical researchers. Below are 5 genealogy


It has four billion names as estimated in its counting and database. This is one of the famous genealogy website which many individuals like. Most of this genealogy search are not free of charge therefore you can access images as well as different types of paper documents, such as court records, birth certificate, and photographs. Census and military records are available, as well as obituaries, school yearbooks, and land office records.

2. Genealogy. com

This is another type of genealogy which is famous. This makes it to be termed as a “sister” of Ancestry. com. This genealogy site has more than three hundred million names. It contains family tree maker which merges your tree with other individuals who you are related. Here you can look for other individuals family tree to find connections and relatives. contains a list of celebrity family trees which is one of its fun features. Here you can select from three levels of membership which include Deluxe, Basic or Gold. Gold membership provides you with full access to Genealogy site in full while Duplexe includes World family tree.

3. Genealogy

It has a crucial importance in accessing a massive number of digitized documents of the history, pamphlets, newspapers, and books that cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, for those individuals who have failed to trace their family clipping or documents should try to search this site. To make this search convenient you can save the digitized clippings as a PDF and save it in your computer.

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites


If you are opting to start your genealogy research with zero spendings, then focus on because it is run by volunteers who come from Church of Jesus Christ called Latter Day offers support and help services. There are thousands of free articles which are composed by experts in this genealogy website and are one of the major perk because you can be educated about genealogical research which can need some membership fee in other genealogy sites.


This is among the newer genealogy sites, it has therefore, amassed thousands of membership. The site has a massive database of different types of information about living so that an individual can trace his or her relatives. This records include, birth records as well as world war two enlistment data. Through you are capable of finding vital documents which you were not capable of finding neither in the newspaper clipping nor in the An individual has the mandate to order an in person search in a specific location for court records. You can have your document within a few hours.

In conclusion,Genealogy research is fun, exciting, and rewarding, connecting an individual with his or her history, as well as individuals who are focusing on discovering their backgrounds. You may quit well find your relatives in unexpected areas or even a lineage which leads to royalty. These top five genealogy website should help you to find the vital information to be sure and discover your family history.

Where Should I Begin Tracing My Family Tree?

Begin With Immediate Family Members

Often times, people who want to start tracing their family tree should start with the newest parts of the tree. This is going to give people the opportunity to learn more about their immediate family members. If they have information on birth certificates, residences, and birth places of immediate family members, it is going to be that much easier to start tracing backwards in time. People can certainly start this whole process with living family members. Essentially, at this stage, people are trying to pluck the proverbial low-hanging fruit and figuring out the information that they know already, which is going to help them with many of the most challenging steps down the line.

Work Backwards From Yourself

The very first thing that you need to do to begin this process of finding out your genealogy, is to begin with yourself first. This means that you begin by working backwards through the individuals in your family, such as your parents and grandparents. Write down all of their names and when and where they were born. It is important for you to know the proper dates of birthdays and events in your family’s history, so you can properly begin to follow the path of your family’s genealogy. Another beneficial step to take, would be to talk with all of your family members and get as much information as you can from them.

Where Should I Begin Tracing My Family Tree?

A very important step not to miss would be to be sure that you look through any death and burial records, this will help to inform you about those who have passed on within your family, and who they were related to as well. You will need to gather the proper information about them, their spouse, their age, birth, the date of their death, burial records and information, and how it is that they died. All of this is required to help you follow the line of your family’s history.

Check Records For Every Ten Years

Birth records, baptism records, marriage records, and census records will help you to recover the information that you need to find your family line. With these records, you will want to take every 10 years. Keep doing this dating as far back as you can, and this will help you to gather plenty of information. However, the earliest that a lot of these records show dates back to is the 1930’s, and this means that it might be a bit harder to find beyond that and may require a harder amount of work in your research.

One of the last few steps that you can take, is to contact other members in your genealogy and to join a mailing list, this way you will be able to get as much information that you need to complete your journey through your genealogy.

Useful Resources for Genealogy

There are several resources that can help you to gather all of the family information that you will need to achieve the genealogy process. All of these resources are incredibly easy to accomplish, and they are very effective. There are several different actions that you can take to locate the necessary information that you need, and these include:

Records for Genealogy

There are plenty of different types of records that people can use in order to help them with all forms of genealogy research. Birth records, military records, names on deeds, stock certificates, and other financial records can all be helpful for the people who are doing genealogy research. Public census records from various time periods can also make a big difference for the people who are trying to find information about family members as they get further and further back in time.

Useful Resources for Genealogy

Websites for Genealogy

There are lots of websites that are available these days for the people who are interested in genealogy research. Some of these websites are free, and some of them are going to require certain nominal subscription fees. Many of the websites that require subscription fees are going to be better in terms of quality, and this is going to have an effect on the selections that people might make. Some of the useful choices for people who are starting genealogy research include:

  • Rootsweb

Most of the time, if you simply type in a small amount of information, the online website can help to pull up the genealogy that you are wanting to find.

The Family Search Historical Records is a good resource for the people who are looking for a lot of primary sources that are going to help with the rest of their genealogy research as well.

What is Genealogy?

Genealogy can be an exciting field of study and a great many people are interested in tracing their family history. Many of us do not think about the fact that there is a long blood line of family members that leads all the way down to us. There are even more of us who would love to find out exactly where we came from, and who the other members in our family were.

Starting the process of genealogy and figuring out your family history can be a very long and frustrating process if you do not know where it is that you should be looking to find this information. However, there are several steps that you can take that will help lead you down the right path into your family’s history where you will be able to find all the family members that you are looking to find and perhaps more! It requires patience, deep research, and following the proper steps but it will be rewarding in the end.

Tracing one’s family tree is easier than ever in the modern world thanks to all the records, internet databases, and software programs available to get the information you need. The widespread availability of all of these advances is creating a situation where people are frequently practicing genealogy as a hobby.