Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites

Genealogical research has been popular in the current years, especially because of the internet which has enhanced search records compared to the past. You can trace surprising information concerning your ancestors and family as well as making connection with other types of genealogical researchers. Below are 5 genealogy


It has four billion names as estimated in its counting and database. This is one of the famous genealogy website which many individuals like. Most of this genealogy search are not free of charge therefore you can access images as well as different types of paper documents, such as court records, birth certificate, and photographs. Census and military records are available, as well as obituaries, school yearbooks, and land office records.

2. Genealogy. com

This is another type of genealogy which is famous. This makes it to be termed as a “sister” of Ancestry. com. This genealogy site has more than three hundred million names. It contains family tree maker which merges your tree with other individuals who you are related. Here you can look for other individuals family tree to find connections and relatives. contains a list of celebrity family trees which is one of its fun features. Here you can select from three levels of membership which include Deluxe, Basic or Gold. Gold membership provides you with full access to Genealogy site in full while Duplexe includes World family tree.

3. Genealogy

It has a crucial importance in accessing a massive number of digitized documents of the history, pamphlets, newspapers, and books that cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, for those individuals who have failed to trace their family clipping or documents should try to search this site. To make this search convenient you can save the digitized clippings as a PDF and save it in your computer.

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites


If you are opting to start your genealogy research with zero spendings, then focus on because it is run by volunteers who come from Church of Jesus Christ called Latter Day offers support and help services. There are thousands of free articles which are composed by experts in this genealogy website and are one of the major perk because you can be educated about genealogical research which can need some membership fee in other genealogy sites.


This is among the newer genealogy sites, it has therefore, amassed thousands of membership. The site has a massive database of different types of information about living so that an individual can trace his or her relatives. This records include, birth records as well as world war two enlistment data. Through you are capable of finding vital documents which you were not capable of finding neither in the newspaper clipping nor in the An individual has the mandate to order an in person search in a specific location for court records. You can have your document within a few hours.

In conclusion,Genealogy research is fun, exciting, and rewarding, connecting an individual with his or her history, as well as individuals who are focusing on discovering their backgrounds. You may quit well find your relatives in unexpected areas or even a lineage which leads to royalty. These top five genealogy website should help you to find the vital information to be sure and discover your family history.