Welcome to the Genhound geneapedia

Much family history research involves searching historical administrative records of various kinds. In order to understand which of these records may hold information on your ancestors it is necessary to get to grips with the administrative structures and functions of the the various organisations that produced these records. Language has also changed, and in any case even modern specialist documents have their own arcane terminology, so genealogists also need to learn whole new vocabulary.

Genhound hopes that this ‘geneapedia’, while by no means being exhaustive or authoratitive, will serve as a useful introduction to a number of topics that the amateur genealogist will find it useful to understand. Where they exist, links will be provided to relevant documents in the Genhound database on each page.

Because Genhound is an English language site based in the UK and because many English-speaking researchers will have ancestral roots in the UK, we have concentrated from the outset on UK and Irish records. Therefore, the information in this section relates primarily to the UK. We hope you find it useful and would be happy to hear from you with any comments, or suggestions about ommissions, inaccuracies etc.